"1936: Fishing" - a story of betrayal

Homo Promos presents

"1936: Fishing" - a story of betrayal

6th September 8.00pm

St Anne's Church - Community Hall

Tickets £15/£10 Concessions

"1936: Fishing" is a one-act chamber opera, music by Robert Ely, words by Peter Scott-Presland

  • A shy and lonely boy, artistic in a sporty school.; he has a secret.

  • An old and lonely man, once famous, once greatly loved; he too has a secret.

  • A protective, blinkered mother, determined to find the truth.

When they collide, the result is tragedy and betrayal.

The opera explores themes of legacy and inheritance down the ages, for good or ill. What kind of shadow will your life cast?

"1936: Fishing" is Episode 7 of a 17-part epic musical cycle, "A Gay Century", and the first part to be performed. It premieres at the Tete-a-Tete Opera Festival on Sept 4th.

Homo Promos Theatre Company is the oldest LGBT+ Company in the UK.; It was founded in 1988 in the wake of Section 28, which forbade the "promotion of homosexuality". Since then it has mounted over 20 productions, many of them musical, been nominated for several awards, and won the 2021 ILGCN Award for outstanding cultural achievement.


Robert Ely - Composer

Peter Scott-Presland - Producer/librettist

Jack Campbell - Musical Director

Jeremy Rowe - Stage Director


Jean-Max Lattemann - Young Philip Dalton

Kevin Neville - Old Philip Dalton

Deborah Holland - Mrs Dalton

Sam Leggett - The Old Man


Jack Campbell - piano

Helen Betteridge - violin

Edward Jefferies - cello

Further information: www.homopromos.org

Press enquiries: 07444 311 695