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Morning Prayer at St Anne's

Mark Allan shares his reflections on Morning Prayer at St Anne’s.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 8.30 means only one thing, Morning Prayer at St Anne’s. And I can’t think of a better way to start the day. While Soho is still waking up and the streets are still quietish I walk the short walk from my flat to church to sit with the small group that gather for about thirty minutes to pray. Using the book of Common Worship: Daily Prayer, which is to be found on the bookshelf, we move through the seasons of the church year and the daily rhythm of prayers.

Quite a lot can be said in half an hour, after opening prayers we move onto a psalm, Old Testament and New Testament readings, reflection on one of the readings and a period of silence before intercessions. The readings tend to follow on from morning to morning through portions of scripture, which, not only sets me up for the day but encourages me to engage in the rhythm of Morning Prayer on the days when they aren’t held in church as I want to follow what is happening in the book of the Bible we are reading.

One of the things I really like about Morning Prayer is the intimate atmosphere of the small group and the connection I feel to God and the others around me. I am also kept focussed on the importance of a daily routine and habit of prayer. It is said that mornings are the best part of the day, not a sentiment I ever really subscribed to, but now, over the last few years of attending morning prayers I must admit mornings have become the high point of my day and if I happen to miss my 8.30 appointment at St Anne’s I feel my day isn’t complete.

Morning Prayer is said in church Tuesday-Thursday 8:30am, and is open to all.



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