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Arrivals and Departures

Time for set-up and clearing away, which is your responsibility, must be incorporated into your booked time. We may not be able to accommodate an extension of your booking due to other bookings, staff availability or Church engagements so we highly encourage you to plan and book accordingly. If we can accommodate beyond your booked times, then we will endeavour to do so, and this will be charged with an uplift of 25% on the hourly rate.

Cancellation and amendment of bookings

If you cancel or amend the booking more than 30 days before the event, there will be no charge. These cancellations can be made online yourself.

If you cancel or amend the booking more than 14 days before the event but less than 30 days, a sum of 20% of the full amount of the booking will be payable.

If you cancel or amend the booking 14 days or less before the event, the full amount of the booking value will be due.

Any cancellations or amendments within 30 days of the booking must be notified by e-mail to

In the unlikely and unfortunate circumstances that St. Anne’s has to cancel your booking, you will receive a full refund.

A booking may be refused or cancelled if:

• we believe it likely to provoke controversy, violence or attract negative publicity.
• the aims and policies of the organisation or individual are not in accordance with our own ethos and values.
• the hirer, speakers or invited guests have ever been linked to violence and/or incitement to hatred or violence.
• full payment has not been received by the due date.

Obligations of the hirer

• The booking form must state clearly the purpose for which the venue is required and not use the venue for any other purpose.
• The names of any guest speakers must be provided.
• The hirer shall follow all reasonable instructions given by St Anne’s and its personnel whilst attending the venue.
• The hirer will ensure that nothing shall be done in connection with the booking which may constitute a breach of the law, including but not limited to the provisions of the Public Order Act 1986, or in any way cause a nuisance or be an infringement of any licence.
• The hirer shall be held responsible for any damage caused to the venue or any of the attendees’ property by the hirer and any of its employees, third party contractors and/or other attendees. Any damage must be advised to St Anne’s immediately.
• No responsibility can be accepted by St. Anne’s for any loss of property or for accidental damage to personal property by persons using the premises. All personal property is left at your own risk.
• You must ensure that you are covered by suitable and adequate insurance to include third party and other liabilities appropriate to your activities.
• The hirer agrees to conform with the capacity designated for each of the spaces. Any instance of overcapacity must be rectified immediately or St Anne’s reserves the right to shut down an event.
• You are required to ensure that all stairs, passageways and entrances remain unblocked.
• St. Anne’s does not allow smoking in any of its rooms.
• You must ensure that noise levels are kept to a minimum and that all music shall cease at 10pm. Use of the garden shall finish at 9pm.
• All decorations, equipment, leftover catering and litter must be removed by the end of the booking. Glassware, crockery and cooking equipment must be cleaned, dried and put away. Surfaces cleaned and floors clear of litter and spillages. A charge will be applied for any cleaning or clearance that we have to undertake ourselves.
• You must agree to follow St Anne’s safeguarding policy or submit your own safeguarding policy.

Event Publicity and Marketing

• The proofs of any posters, advertising matter, or tickets of admission must be submitted to St Anne’s for approval before being published.
• When advertising, the hirer should state under whose auspices the event is being held.
• No public announcement of an event shall be made until the booking has been confirmed and any marketing approved.
• Notices, posters and banners to be displayed at the venue entrance must be by prior arrangement.
• No person shall be employed or act as a distributor of bills or in any other capacity at the entrance to St Anne’s without our prior consent.
• You must obtain permission to film any part of your event. A separate policy exists for using St Anne’s as a distinct filming location.

St Anne’s shall be at liberty to visit the venue at any time during an event to monitor compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

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